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OEMServices is a worldwide leader in component, logistic & trading services for airlines and original equipment manufacturers. We design the original solutions that match the specific needs of our customers.

Dedicated Services

Partner of numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMServices offers you its expertise through three dedicated services :

Designed to answer the specific needs of airlines, Originial Integrated Services and Original Repair Services offer you a one-stop shop for multiple OEM repair stations, OEM quality and warranties and a dedicated customer support team.

Engineered to optimise your costs, our Original AOG Management, Original Transport Management, Original Distribution Services and Original In Situ Logistic services are dedicated to OEMs around the world looking for a tailor-made and fully integrated solution.

With Originial Trading Services for airlines, including standard exchanges and loans, and OEMS, among which management of surplus and distribution services, TRADING Services also offers you 24/7 availability.

Our Expertise



  • Hotline
  • International network
OEM Community

OEM Community

  • OEM technical link
  • OEMS specific product integrator


  • Experts in COMPONENT and LOGISTIC Services
  • Aeronautic and logistic training programs
Original Services Integrator

Original Services Integrator

  • Synergy of our services towards airlines and OEM
  • Logistic certifications:
    • Customs engineering
    • IATA
    • Export Control
    • Hazardous materials capability
Client Proximity

Client Proximity

  • Speaking our customer's language
  • Locale presence
  • Customer support
  • Dedicated account management
Value Added Services

Value Added Services

  • E-Services
  • Consulting
  • Retrofit coordination
  • Life Assessment Programs
Continious Improvement

Continuous Improvement

  • Performance management
  • Quality reviews
  • Experience feedback programs
Efficient Cost Control

Efficient Cost Control

  • Service Integration
  • Contract Integration
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Optimization of duties and taxes

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OEMServices was founded by four OEMs, Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr, Thales Avionics and Zodiac Aerospace, with the intention of developing a structure fully focused on supporting airlines by integrating the capabilities, assets and expertise of multiple OEMs.