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The Superjet 100 was launched in 2011. Through our historical collaboration with Russian operators, we have tailored a superjet 100 worldwide support solution to meet operators’ needs.

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Sukhoi Superjet 100 | Story

Produced in Russia, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is the result of a joint venture between Russian manufacturer Sukhoi and European manufacturer Finmeccanica (through its subsidiary Alenia Aermacchi).  From a manufacturing standpoint, the airplane is built in Eastern Russia, and then marketed and sold in certain regions – Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Africa, and Japan – by a joint-venture company called Superjet International.

 In other areas, the airplanes are marketed and sold by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft.  According to Superjet, the SSJ100 is the first airliner where the engine and airframe have been designed together to optimize performance.

The SSJ100 first flew in 2008 and received its European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certificate on February, 2012. It is the first Russian aircraft to achieve EASA certification. The first aircraft was received by its launch customer Iraero in June 2011.

Mission & Performance

The maximum capacity for the Sukhoi-designed airframe is 98, and it is powered by a pair of PowerJet SaM engines.  The Powerjet engines, much like the airframe, are the result of a joint venture; this time between European manufacturer Snecma and Russian manufacturer NPO Saturn.

The Superjet 100 is quite similar to both the Embraer E-Jet series and the Airbus A220.


Program Sheet

Superjet 100/95

  • Maximum Passenger Capacity : 98
  • Maximum Range : 2,212 nm
  • Engine : 2x | Powerjet SAM146
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 100,936 lbs
  • Maximum Landing Weight : 86,862 lb.
  • Wingspan : 91 ft. 2 in.
  • Length : 98 ft. 23 in.
  • Height : 33 ft. 73 in.

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